What is Maverick Artists?

Maverick Artists is a collection of everything when it comes to art forms and it’s definition. We are artists, supporters, creators. In short, we are a community organization that creates the best opportunities to showcase your talent. We are collaborators, discoverers, and believers of art. Whereas, our aim is to explore, discover and treasure your creativity through performance and each type of creative art ideas, bringing to you the best of everything in everyday routine, bringing the next level revolution to you.

A beautiful initiative and a venture of Kalon Maple Publishing, Maverick Artists is home of performing arts nurturing each type of talent we aim to bring the best out of you; Whereas, the performers are you.

Taking roads of art we welcome each type of art forms be it the heart promising poem, an overwhelming story, the mesmerizing touch of drama, the charms of music, the giggles of comedy and the feel of a painting. Maverick artists is your one-stop destination to showcase your art.

We are continuously working on the details that will leave you awestruck and surprised.